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Edição atual tal como às 20h19min de 23 de outubro de 2016

For once you do, and once you lose it - and you will, - then every sight of beauty, every colorful smell, sound or touch, and every memory of those, will bring you pain.

You will think you'll be forced to live without beauty, but how can one live without that which is granted to us before food, clothing or air, granted as soon as we can feel the warmth of a womb.

For beauty is everywhere. In a petal, falling from flowers that grow by drops of rain blown by the wind, as clouds split above revealing a star sprangled sky. In the noises of nature playing with itself, consuming itself and being reborn, fed for billions of years by the sun's light. In a few words, signs, artifices and every single trivial act of thought that can only exist by the wonder of evolution.

So it is not that life without beauty is unbearable. Instead, beauty is there wherever there is life. And once it hurts you, then life itself becomes painful.

It will hurt you to breath, for breathing is such a beautiful communion with the environment.
It will hurt you to smile, for what could be more inspiring of beauty than one that is sincere?
It will hurt you to meet your friends, for there's so much beauty in recognizing yourself in others.
It will hurt you to be glad, and it will hurt you to think, for so beautiful is the ultimate complexity of our intelligence

You will hope you can forget about the pain. But how can you forget what pours from everything around you?

So, never love something beautiful - that's a mistake that can't be unbound.

Yet, coming to think of it... Everything being beautiful, what else is there to love?