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Explanation page

Dear poet,

We noticed that you have created a page with text that does not seem to be your own. If we are right we ask you to read the message below:

The Friday Poetry uses this license: CreativeCommons-Atribution-Share alike 3.0 Brazil and therefore the poem's author needs to authorize, directly or indirectly, the publication of his work under that license.

We would enjoy much if he could join us in our poetic movement. We encourage you to try to bring him ou her to our envirovenment.

If it is a public domain work or under a license like the mentioned, you must inform it on talk page or do provide a link that confirm it.

If the author (a) is deceased and has sold those rights to third parties you should contact their legal heirs or the holders the right to obtain such permission.

We consider the copyright law bad for everyone, but if we are to ensure the sustainability of our community we should observe it.

If you can not do this or the author doesn't want to join us, however inappropriate it may seem, the poem will be removed.